Speedway to the World Cup

Aiden Thwaites + Shane Twiss racing their 58i sidecar ready for the Speedway World CupSpeedway enthusiasts are right behind the two Southland teams who are heading to Australia soon to compete in the Speedway World Cup and the first round of the Oceania series.

Fi Innovations have contributed to their costs. We wish Aiden Thwaites and Shane Twiss (riding sidecar number 58i) and James Douglas and Harley Biddle (riding 44i) all the best for their campaign.  We hope you bring home the silverware.

James Douglas + Harley Biddle racing their 44i sidecar ready for the Speedway World Cup

Hopefully you keep the bikes and yourselves in one piece, so we don’t see you bringing broken bike fairings after the racing.

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58i Thwaites Racing

44i Racing

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