Quality and Efficiency

Lean thinking is part of Fi Innovations.

Way back in 2009, we began our Lean journey in an effort to improve efficiency.

For us at Fi Innovations, even simple changes, such as improving information about jobs and tools required, avoided a lot of frustration.

We ramped things up in 2012, by undertaking a Lean Manufacturing programme, an initiative of Venture Southland.

The management principles of a Lean workplace are focused on quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale. We found that we became more efficient, which meant better products for our customers and a better bottom-line for the business.

Then in 2016, we started implementing the 5S workplace management system, developed in Japan.

At Fi Innovations, we set up purpose-built tool storage areas and tool tracking systems to cut down on searching for tools, and redesigned other areas to optimise materials handling and processing, which further reduced frustration and wasted time.

In 2018, we engaged an expert business mentor to support our implementation of Lean Manufacturing. He worked alongside us to refine our business strategy, clarify roles and review our progress.

The last couple of years have seen us move to a ‘green room’ Daily Management System, develop Detailed Process Sheets, engage our team through Opportunities for Improvement, and adopt streamlined production flow and communication systems for the workshop and managers. We all now have a much clearer understanding of what our company stands for, what we are trying to do and how we can help achieve it.