Commercial Boat-build

The Fi Innovations team specialise in restoration, repair and modification of commercial boats, large pleasure boats and historic craft.

Repair Commercial Vessels

Hit the rocks? Sprung a leak? Bent the prop shaft? Damaged the deck?

Our expert boat-builders will rush to the rescue.

We know that you need to be back operating as soon as possible, so gaping holes, split planking, rotted wood and damaged fibreglass is quickly repaired.

We handle all insurance work.

Restore Historic Craft

Our qualified boat-building team loves to breathe new life into classic boats or historic launches.

We specialise in restoring timber-planked, cold-moulded veneer, plywood or fibreglass-hulled boats.

Upgrade Working Boats

Add a chiller. Modify the wheelhouse. Re-sheath and anti-foul the hull. 
Lay a teak deck. Apply a non-slip waterproof coating. Fit a new shower or cabinetry.  

If it’s on a boat, then we probably do it.

We’ll get our qualified craftsmen onto the job.