Branxholme water treatment tanks

Branxholme, just north of Invercargill, saw lots of contractor activity recently as part of the ICC's $11.5m upgrade of the city's water treatment plant.  FI Innovations was asked to manufacture and install double linings in both their alum tanks.  These double linings were required to provide environmental protection in the event of an earthquake or other mishap.

After detailed planning, the project started with laminating a series of huge vinylester sheets at our Otepuni Ave factory.  To provide the required cavity spacing and the ability to resist pressure, an array of stiffening ribs was bonded to the back of each sheet.

With each sheet weighing over 200kg, it took quite a few trips to transport all ten sections by road over the 15km to Branxholme.

Once the sheets were on-site, the FI Innovations team carefully manoeuvered them into position in each alum tank. The edges were bonded together with custom-made mouldings.

Finally the crew worked to seal all the joints before the fibreglass I-beams and safety gratings were installed.

A big job for the FI Innovations team, but overall very satisfying to complete it within the strict criteria.

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