Design and Prototyping

3D Printing is here!

Our ‘Fused Filament Fabrication’ machine can produce almost any form you can think of, and with a generous build volume of 500x500x500mm we can often do without having to glue multiple parts together.


A variety of materials are able to be utilised including a multitude of colours, carbon-reinforced, translucent, sparkle, metallic, even wood effect!


Looking for something tougher? We are able to take the 3D printed form from the machine and cast it in an endless array of urethane products including glass-clear, and any shore hardness you like. Our expert flex urethane team has you covered


Design + Prototyping

Got an idea for a unique product, or a one of a kind piece that you need brought into the real world, not sure how to go about it?

With the power of Autodesk’s Product Design and Manufacturing Software, we can help you bring your product or prototype to life through 3D design, drawing from our vast in-house expertise in a variety of industries.

Once fleshed out, we can work to get your design made real with both in-house and contracted manufacturing processes.

So pick up the phone, or just come down to 38 Otepuni Avenue, we’d love to help you bring your ideas to life.