Resin Casting

Fi Innovations manufactures complex parts from tough urethane, silicone and other casting resins.

Cast Urethane

Urethane casting resin is amazing stuff. Available in a wide range of grades from gooey ‘gummy bear’ flexibility through to rigid ‘safety hat’ hardness. Shock-absorbent. Tough. Non-conductive. Lots of different colours. Fire-resistant option (rated to UL 94V-0). Water-clear option in a range of hardnesses + colour tints.
Just imagine the possibilities:
  • Industry – shock-absorbent handles, bumper pads
  • Automotive – air vents, flexible mounts
  • Aerospace – moulded bearings, lightweight displays
  • Electronics – water/dust seals, robot parts
  • Architecture – replica decorations
  • Art – sculpture, figurines

Over-moulded 3D parts

Get Fi Innovations to add flexible overlays onto your 3D printed parts.

Our team will design and print a 3D over-mould. The plastic part is inserted, then silicone or urethane resin is injected to complete the flexible overlay.

Over-moulding has many benefits:

  • Reduced costs – eliminate secondary assembly
  • Various textures – soft-touch hand grips
  • Aesthetically pleasing – contrast colours
  • Minimise or eliminate sharp edges
  • Waterproof and shock-absorbing – protect sensitive electronic components
  • Specific properties – insulation, chemical resistance

Anything from a waterproof plug to a . . . . . 

Clear Casting Epoxies

River tables show off the wood grain and interesting knots in your bench top or bar, while giving that impressive ‘deep water’ illusion.
Customise your table with a choice of clear, translucent, metallic and coloured resins.

Preserve insects, plants and delicate objects by embedding them in special crystal-clear resin. 

Cast Silicone

Silicone casting resins are two-part synthetic ‘liquid rubber’ products, ideal for creating a huge variety of flexible moulds and parts.

They can reproduce fine detail and cope with under-cuts (unlike rigid moulds)

  • Art – sculpture, figurines,
  • Visual arts – make-up, prosthetics, props, Cosplay
  • Construction – concrete moulds
  • Architecture – moulds for replica decorations
  • Food – chocolate moulds, butter sculptures
  • Craft – candle moulds, model-making, taxidermy
  • Medical – training aids, orthotics