Expanding Foam

Fi Innovations has invested in high-tech foam injection machines. We fill boat hulls for reserve buoyancy, spray marine/industrial walls and floors for insulation and create shapes suitable for sculpture and art projects.


Provide emergency buoyancy in your boat by foam-filling the side pontoons or underfloor compartments.
Users appreciate the increased safety factor, but also love other benefits such as a quieter ride and more structural support for floors and flat panels.

Fi Innovations has the specialised equipment and expertise to safely inject expanding polyurethane foam, without ruining your hull or releasing toxic gases.


We insulate chillers, freezers, engine rooms and boat hulls. Our experts spray the expanding polyurethane foam on-site with our specialised equipment.

Rigid, waterproof, sound-deadening and thermal insulation, this foam brings you many benefits.

Art + Sculpture

Let your imagination run wild.  What would you love to create?

Expanded polyurethane foam is easily carved and sanded into fantastic sculptures and art works.
You dream up the concept – we’ll spray the foam ready for you to shape.