Resin Infusion

Fi Innovations are experts in resin infusion.  Top-of-the-line vacuum pumps, and a dedicated infusion room, allow us to handle the most technical projects.  Our experienced infusion staff have completed a range of work, from snazzy snare drums to stunning Shotover jet seating pods, even sewer pipes and super-size chemical-resistant flat panels.

Resin infusion (also known as vacuum infusion) is a modern technique, where the reinforcing fibre layers are laid dry into a mould. A release fabric is laid over, then porous mesh and tubes are carefully arranged on top to direct the flow of resin. The mould is sealed with a special plastic film or flexible silicone bag and a 99% vacuum is applied. Finally an exact quantity of catalysed resin is allowed to infuse though the compacted laminate. 

The benefits of resin infusion, compared to traditional laminating methods, include:

  • Optimal resin-to-fibre ratio
  • Stronger laminate
  • Minimum weight
  • Lower number of voids
  • Reduced operator exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Reduced resin usage with cost savings
  • Easier ply lay-up
  • High quality exposed carbon finish if desired

Check out our “Carbon Seats for the Jet Age” write up in the Composites Association of New Zealand’s ‘Flexi’ magazine – 1 June 2013 (top left on Page 2)